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What customers are saying about HINMAN'S EVERGREEN GARAGE

Is the best if you ask William Dixon, who says the shop is well-patronized by residents of The Villages adult community, "Since he satisfies us old folks, he's got to be good."

David Filomeo says "Hinman's Garage is the only auto repair shop I would ever send my wife to."

Alex writes

If you'd like an honest, thorough, local mechanic this is it! After retiring from the band ZZTop, Mike decided to be a mechanic (you'll see what I mean when you get there...)

I found this place after being given the "latex glove" treatment by a highly rated (by Yelp) mechanic. He was cheep... And then within a week all the fluids poured out of both cars!!

Mike and Rob really took care of me and both of my cars. They completely retraced the previous work, found things wrong that I was told were fine, answered all my questions - mostly before I even asked - and laid out a plan for getting on top of the deferred maintenance. Then Mike insisted that I actually look at all the old parts that came out of the cars... Wow! I really learned something.

I finally feel I found an honest mechanic in San Jose.

Anna Davis writes:

As the owner of an older model RAV 4 with high mileage, I would not even consider taking my car to any other garage other than Hinman's. Every 6 months I take an extensive trip out of the country in my car and, due to the excellent maintenance work performed by Hinman's, I have never experienced any mechanical problems on the road. As a single female, this is very important to me. THANKS GUYS!

Irene Marshall says:

"I would like to let you know that I really appreciate your customer service. I was treated very well during my visits to your shop. Each time I have been greeted with a smile, my information taken promptly, and my car maintained and repaired.

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